Wheelchair Seating Systems, Inc.


“Thanks for your prompt response, for taking the time to listen to the issues I am having with mum’s wheelchair pillow … I’m very grateful for your time, patience and help! … I’m really blown over with Your Method. Just brilliant!!! Mum will be fitted in her chair to perfection thanks to you… it’s fantastic, top notch precision and workmanship, second to none! Thank you so very much!”
–Patty Meffe , Caregiver, St. Catharines, ON


“I have been using the VIVE cushion on a regular basis with my geriatric population. I mainly use the cushion with foot propellers… I really like the product and it does help with the sliding forward…it really makes a different. I’m definitely happy with the VIVE cushion.”
–Julie Soucy, Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, ON


“On behalf of the Hôpital régional de Sudbury Regional Hospital’s and our occupational therapists, we wanted to thank you for your kind donation of 3 cushions for assessment use and our hospital’s wheelchair pool. Already we have used the cushions in multiple seating situations and I personally have found the Vive cushion useful for one of my foot propelling clients. Thank you so much for your donations to our hospital. We appreciate the kindness.”
–Occupational Therapist 4 South Medical Floor, Hôpital régional de Sudbury Regional Hospital, Sudbury, ON


“I did prescribe the (VerySOFT) cushion for one of my patients and it worked well. I am certain that I will use it in the future.”
–Andrea Moss, Brampton Civic Hospital, Brampton, ON


“This is some feedback regarding the Vive cushion that you have left at Providence Healthcare for trial…

– The patient finds it soft, comfortable and supportive.

– The patient has not been complaining of a “sore bottom” as she was before.

– The therapist has noticed that the aggressive pummelling on the cushion helps better position the patient and has enabled to more effectively foot propel in the wheelchair.”
–V. K., Providence Healthcare, Kingston, ON


“We have put your cushion to good use on our rehab floor…patient comments have been rather favourable.”
–Mende Katz, Henderson Hospital, Hamilton, ON


“Vision has proved to offer exceptional customer service with excellent seating and positioning products. Both Morris and Moran are available to answer questions and dispense professional solutions to meet our clients’ individual needs. I have worked with Vision for over fifteen years and appreciate their sincere dedication to this industry.”
– Joannie Rell, Silver Cross, Simcoe, ON