Wheelchair Seating Systems, Inc.

VerySOFT Deep Leg Trough Cushion



  • Layers of GELfoam
    (VerySOFT gel infused memory foam) regulate temperature and relieve pressure
  • High resiliency foam base cushion ensures structural integrity for at least 30 months
  • Pronounced contours promote postural stability
  • Rounded front profile increases comfort
  • VerySOFT-DLT (VerySOFT-Deep Leg Trough) cushions have a 2¼” front profile with accentuated pummel and abductors
  • Includes 2 incontinent covers, with an option of Dry N’ Cool or
    Wipe N’ Dry cover systems, see covers

2 Layers of GELfoam


  • GELfoam
    • Facilitates immersion
    • Significantly reduces pressure
    • Prevents heat buildup
    • Protects and maintains user’s skin integrity
  • Contours promote postural stability and correct positioning
  • Lightweight cushions supports self-propulsion
  • Maintenance free and caregiver friendly cushions
  • Structural integrity guaranteed for 30 months


  • Ideal for users that require moderate to high pressure redistribution
    • Appropriate for non-weight bearing users in categories
      2, 3 & 5 wheelchairs
  • Designed for users that need a soft and supportive cushion
  • Provides postural stability with pronounced pummel and abductors
  • VerySOFT-DLT cushions aids in achieving seat-to-floor height with 2¼” profile
  • Customizable in shape and size to accommodate varying needs, including leg length discrepancies, pelvic obliquities, etc. See Custom Designs

Pressure Mapping of the VerySOFT cushion


User sitting on
wheelchair sling upholstery

The red segment indicates a dangerous pressure area of 400mmHg


User sitting on
VerySOFT cushion

The blue segments indicate safe pressure levels of 30mmHg

ADP Codes

ADP Code Description
SESVC4170 Standard Sizes: 16×16½, 16×18, 16×20, 20×16, 18×16, 18×18, 18×20, 20×18
SESVC4500 Custom Upcharge for custom sizes and shapes up to 20×19
SESVC4510 Bariatric Custom sizes and shapes Upcharge for sizes 20×20 to 24×24

*Larger sizes available.