Wheelchair Seating Systems, Inc.

Special Edition

Special Edition Cushion


  • Incorporates any Vision cushion and a Solid Seat Insert
  • Seat Insert is adhered to the bottom of the selected cushion
  • Contained by DryN’Cool covers
  • Composed of natural material that is resistant to warping

Benefits & Applications

  • Eliminates hammock effect caused by sling seat upholstery
  • Provides increased positioning support
  • Seat Insert cannot be removed/misplaced, as it’s adhered to the cushion
  • Maximizes the surface area available to the user
  • Maintains a levelled seating surface
  • Ensures the longevity of the product

Very Soft

ADP Codes

ADP Code Description
sesnd1015 Solid Seat Insert (ADP code to be added to cushion’s ADP codes)
sesvc4000 & Sesnd1015 VerySOFT Special Edition
sesvc4100 & Sesnd1015 VerySOFT–DLT Special Edition
sesvc4150 & Sesnd1015 VIVE Special Edition
sesvc4170 & Sesnd1015 VIVE-DLT Special Edition
sE0000672 & Sesnd1015 Epic Special Edition
sE0000676 & Sesnd1015 Epic Plus Special Edition