Wheelchair Seating Systems, Inc.


Who is Vision Wheelchair Seating Systems?

Vision is a Canadian manufacturer of wheelchair seating systems and accessories, including cushions, back supports, and arm supports. All of Visions’ products are made in Canada, are guaranteed for 30 months and are ADP approved. Established in 1992, Vision has a reputation for designing products with unsurpassed quality and workmanship that are distributed internationally.

What products does Vision specialize in?

Vision develops memory foam cushions, back supports, and arm supports that significantly redistribute pressure to maintain skin integrity, provide positioning support and comfort. Vision is dedicated to designing products that reflect the company’s motto of “Make a Difference”, which ensures that all products are innovative and include unique features.

What are the product warranties?

All of Visions’ products, including custom sizes, have a 30 month “No Problem” guarantee against manufacturer defects. This guarantee ensures products last six 6 months beyond the ADP requirements. Conditions that would negate this warranty automatically would be: physical damage, misuse, or abuse of the product. The warranty does not apply to punctures, tears, burns, or the cushion’s cover. Please contact us with any concerns.

How does Vision ensure ongoing product innovation?

Close contact with health care professionals within the industry enables Vision to respond quickly to clients’ changing needs. Often Visions’ products originate from therapists’ requests to resolve difficult seating and positioning issues, which enables Vision to continuously develop original and effective products.

Does Vision make custom products?

Yes, all products are available in custom sizes and shapes. See Custom Designs

Can a Vision representative assist in custom assessments?

Yes, a Vision representative is available to attend an assessment and provide suggestion and feedback on possible modifications to products that best suit the client; this service is provided free of charge.

What are the shipping timelines?

Standard size products are shipped the same day an order is received, and custom sizes and shapes are shipped within two days of order receipt.