Wheelchair Seating Systems, Inc.

V.G. Arm Trough

V.G. Arm Trough




  • Contoured trough padded in memory foam
  • Includes foam hand pummel
  • Slides securely onto armrest pad
  • Adjusts to 31 fixed settings
  • Single pivot point facilitates elevation
  • Positioning strap secures arm comfortably
  • Trough attached to polycarbonate tray

Benefits & Applications

  • Tray slides onto armrest for transfer ease
  • Provides infinite arm-to-body angle adjustments
  • Trough may be rotated toward the body to accommodate internal rotations and/or away from the body to accommodate external rotations
  • Trough may be mounted forward and/or back on tray to accommodate client’s elbow angle
  • Tray flips to side of wheelchair to allow for client transfer, without removal of trough/arm rest
  • Hand pummel may be carved to meet user’s individual tone
  • Sturdy construction, will not warp
  • No tools required for mounting and/or removal of tray
  • Custom materials, sizes and shapes available See Custom Trays

ADP Codes

ADP Code Description
SETND0015 Half Lap Tray, Standard Size
SETND0020 Half Lap Tray, Custom Size and/or Shape
SETND0005 Arm Support
SEAND0015 Hand Support
SEAND0030 Pressure Relief Foam