Wheelchair Seating Systems, Inc.



GELfoam Cushions


  • GELfoam is VerySOFT gel infused memory foam
  • High resiliency foam base cushion ensures structural integrity for 30 months
  • Pronounced contours promote postural stability
  • Rounded front profile increases comfort
    • Standard profiles have a 2¾” front with pronounced pummel and abductors
    • Deep Leg Trough profiles (DLT’s) have a 2¼” front with accentuated pummel and abductors
  • Includes 2 incontinent covers, see covers
    •  Option of Dry N’ Cool or Wipe N’ Dry cover systems


  • GELfoam
    • Facilitates immersion
    • Significantly reduces pressure
    • Regulates temperature and prevents heat build up
    • Protects & maintains user’s skin integrity
  •  Contours promote postural stability and correct positioning
  • DLT cushions enhance positioning support with a pronounced pummel and abductors
  • Lightweight cushions supports self propulsion
  • Maintenance free and caregiver friendly cushion


  • Ideal for users that require moderate to high pressure redistribution 
  • Appropriate for non-weight bearing users
  • Designed for users that need a soft and supportive cushion
  • Provide postural stability with pronounced pummel and abductors
  • DLT cushions aid in achieving seat-to-floor height with 2¼” profile
  • Customizable in shape and size to accommodate varying needs, including leg length discrepancies, pelvic obliquities, etc. See Custom Designs

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