Wheelchair Seating Systems, Inc.

Viscount Back Support




  • Back Support coated in memory foam
  • Includes anatomically designed head support made of memory foam
  • Features independently inflatable lumbar & lateral supports
  • Protected by the Ez-Zip Cover system
    • Incontinent external cover
    • Incontinent internal cover
Benefits for Viscount Back Support


  • Adjustable head support is height adjustable and may be rotated to achieve best level of support
  • Head support is tethered to the VISCOUNT and can be removed without being misplaced
  • Lateral Supports provide pelvic stability and assist in positioning user without limiting upper body mobility
  • Lateral Supports can be individually inflated to provide a customized fit
  • External cover may be removed and cleaned without dismounting the VISCOUNT


  • Presents as a very comfortable and supportive back support
  • Promotes postural stability
  • Provides significant trunk support
  • Ideal for clients that have strong movements and require a resiliently mounted back support
  • Ideal for tilt and/or recline wheelchairs
  • Customizable in shape and size to accommodate varying needs, including scoliosis, kyphosis, etc. See Custom Designs

ADP Codes

ADP Code Description
SESVC0030 Standard Sizes: 16”w & 18”w wheelchairs
SEBVC0035 Custom Sizes and Shapes