Wheelchair Seating Systems, Inc.

VIVE-Deep Leg Trough Cushions



  • Layers of GELfoam
     gel infused memory foam) regulate temperature and relieve pressure
  • Superior layers of memory foam reduce pressure & increase comfort
  • High resiliency foam base cushion prevents bottoming out
  • Ischial Shelf limits users’ ability to slide out of the cushion without shearing
  • Gentle contours promote postural stability
  • Rounded front 2¼” profile
  • Deep Leg Troughs accentuate pummel and abductors
  • Includes 2 incontinent covers, see covers


  • GELfoam
    • Facilitates immersion
    • Significantly reduces pressure
    • Prevents heat buildup
    • Protects and maintains user’s skin integrity
  • Designed in response to Least Restraint/No Restraint policies
  • Protects & maintains user’s skin integrity
  • Deep leg troughs promote postural stability and foot propulsion
  • Maintains a 2” profile with pronounced pummel & abductors
  • Maintenance Free Cushion
  • Lightweight, will not impede movement
  • 3 Standard Levels of Softness: VerySOFT, VerySOFT’R,
    Very-VerySOFT, allow for customization of sensation without increase cost
  • Guaranteed not to bottom out for 30 months


  • Aid in reducing the need for restraints
  • Ideal for those that foot propel: Front profile promotes foot propulsion while ischial shelf limits sliding
  • Designed to accommodate and correct sacral sitting
  • Limits sliding caused by Poor Trunk Control and Poor Muscle Tone
  • 2” front profile is ideal for achieving appropriate seat-to-floor height
  • Pronounced pummel and abductors aid in correcting and maintaining postural stability
  • Ideal for clients that need a soft and supportive cushion
  • Intended for clients that need moderate to high pressure redistribution (non-weight bearing)
  • Customizable in shape and size to accommodate varying needs

ADP Codes

ADP Code Description
SESVC4170 Standard Sizes: 16×16½, 16×18, 16×20, 20×16, 18×16, 18×18, 18×20, 20×18
SESVC4500 Custom Upcharge for custom sizes and shapes up to 20×19
SESVC4510 Bariatric Custom sizes and shapes Upcharge for sizes 20×20 to 24×24

*Larger sizes available.